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2021 ALL IN Award

#Allin 🧡💙🥎✈️

The “ALL IN Award” was created to honor a player that has shown exemplary character on, and especially off the field. This award highlights a player that has given back to their community in tremendous ways! 2021’s award winner has shown the world what it means to go ALL IN!

This young woman started with our organization at age 8. Not very long ago, she was unsure of her future in softball as she battled her own back and spinal surgery. This only made her stronger.

Recently her father, and one of our beloved coaches, was diagnosed with leukemia while on family vacation in Florida. After a long process with the medical team, he was able to be transferred back to KC to start the donor search. Low and behold, our girl was a 9 out of 10 match for her own dad!! Without hesitation, one of the strongest girls we know went through the Donor process to SAVE her father’s life!!

When we thought of the All In Award, there was no question!! This years recipient is Harper Allin. Her last name exemplifies what this award will continue to represent. We are so proud of you! And wishing Coach Jim a strong recovery. Can’t wait to have you back on the field!

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