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Top Gun Fastpitch strengthens foundation

Added leadership brings foundational base to a nationally ranked organization.

Joseph Sciara, President of Top Gun Fastpitch, announced today the addition of Stephanie Kim as Vice President to our leadership team. Stephanie is the founder and President of the KC Dirt Devils that was established in 2012.

Through Stephanie Kim's guidance, the KC Dirt Devils have built a reputation of producing mechanically sound, hard working athletes that show great team spirit and sportsmanship.

"Our goals at Top Gun are to continue to build upon the foundation of excellence that we have achieved in such a short time. In order to do that, we must recognize and surround ourselves with those special people in the softball community that have the ability to make a positive impact on an organization." Joe Sciara added, "Steph is a gem. She's a winner. She is the type of person I want to be around. She has such great ideas on how to improve players, how to improve the game, and how to improve ourselves as coaches."

16u-Gold coach Bob Turner said, "We are extremely excited about what Coach Stephanie Kim will bring to our organization. Her track record for player development is very impressive and we know that she’ll be a vital component of building those same skills in our athletes here at Top Gun."

Stephanie's skills as a coach and club leader don't stop at the technical level. Her commitment to player development and the culture of teamwork can be seen in the unique relationships formed between individual players, teams, and families.

"Steph has done an amazing job of building brand loyalty within the KC Dirt Devils", Sciara explains. "The amount of support and camaraderie that she has helped build is unprecedented in our area. We want our players and families to bleed Navy & Orange. We think Coach Steph is just the right person to help us get there."

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